Running time:
60 minutes, no break

The programme is subject to change

4 June 2020 Thursday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall


Date of concert changed to 07 October 2020
Tickets for 04 June 2020 are valid.

Opera “THE MATHEMATICIAN” is a project of the company “TERRA QUANTUM AG" target-ing intellectual developments in the field of quantum technologies. The peculiarity of the compa-ny's approach is a view that in the modern world, neither branch of science, whether it were physics, math, biology or psychology can do without a new quantum paradigm of the world. This holistic approach extends onto contemporary art in general.

Ensemble “Gallery of Actual Music” under the direction by Oleg Paiberdin.

The Mathematician (young mathematician) – Konstantin Samoilov
Andrei Semyonovich (experienced mathematician) – Igor Vitkovsky
The Girl who loves the Mathematician – Maria Simakova
The Woman who tries to distract the Mathematician from science – Anna Kostyleva
Quantum particles, scientists - chorus

Authors and production team:

Composer – Angelica Komissarenko
Electronics – Alexey Nadzharov, Nikolai Khrust
Libretto – Angelica Komissarenko, Grigori Amosov
Director – Ekaterina Vasileva
Conductor – Oleg Paiberdin
Artist – Maria Chernyshova
Lighting designer – Alexandr Romanov

The Mathematician is a multimedia opera grotesque revealing the image of the mathematician as a scientist and a vulnerable person, obsessed with serving science. The libretto is based on fragments of famous scientific discussions that took place at the beginning of quantum mechan-ics, as well as today's ones that lead to a new quantum paradigm of the world. Real scientific texts are transformed in multimedia format and connected with a lyrical life line of the mathema-tician. In the performance it is used a fragment of the text “The Manuscript found in Saragossa” by Jan Potocki, “The Mathematician and Andrei Semyonovich” by Daniil Kharms, as well as po-ems by scientists themselves. The performance will be provided with an artistic translation into English.

Opera “THE MATHEMATICIAN” is realised in the framework of new project of the Laboratory of young composers and dramatists «COOPERATION» - ART&SCIENCE OPERA LAB

ART&SCIENCE OPERA LAB is a project about new opportunities in the Opera theatre, an inte-gration of directions that are close to the modern audience in the Opera genre (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, VIDEO and SOUND DESIGN), a multidisciplinary approach to creating a per-formance, reducing the distance between generations and the ability to hear each other.