• Festival of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky music. Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Prague Philharmonic Choir
  • Vadym Kholodenko, piano  and Kirill Soldatov, horn/flugelhorn
  • Inauguration of concert organ
  • Michael Spyres and Dilyara Idrisova
  • NFOR with Alla Demidova Conductor – Vinzenz Praxmarer
  • Lubov Petrova, soprano Rem Urasin, piano
  • “Ocean of Sounds”   Persymphans
  • Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Ghindin.  NFOR
  • Tyumen Philharmonic Orchestrа Conductor – Yevgeny Shestakov Soloist – Dmitry Sitkovetsky, violin
  • The Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Petr Glavatskikh. «RATIO»
  • Giovanni Antonini and II Giardino Armonico
  • “The Four Seasons”
  • Festival “Bethoveen and Tchaikovsky” “Fatum”
  • Drum Art Music
  • Musica Viva orchestra. George Harliono, piano (UK)
  • Festival “Bethoveen and Tchaikovsky”. Rival Symphonies


“Zaryadye” Park Works Day and Night During Inauguration of Organ
The audience that is going to visit the inauguration could also visit attraction “Polyot” (“The Flight”), and Mediahall 360, where movies “Time Machine” and “Russia. Virtual Journey” are shown.