Interview with Olga Zhukova for Muzlifemagazine
The CEO Zaryadye Hall
spoke about the preparation
for the new season,
its features and difficulties
New interview with Olga Zhukova TASS
The work of Zaryadye Hall will be unprofitable
with a chessboard seating of spectators:
The CEO Zaryadye Hall Olga Zhukova
spoke about new realities of concert activity.
Ticket Sales Rescheduled
“Zaryadye” puts temporary halt on Ticket sales
for all the concerts planned till the end of 2020
“We are really responsible for what happens to the world in this moment”
Exclusive interview for “Zaryadye” Hall:
Jordi Savall, leader of Le Concert des Nations
Cancellations and Rescheduling
Concerts planned till the 31th of May are either postponed or cancelled
Rescheduling and Cancellations
Concerts planned from 1 to 11 May either postponed or cancelled
Maxim Rubtsov and Ekaterina Eisenstadt: LIVE from “Zaryadye”
At 7 PM, the two musicians perform classical pieces
and premiere a new piece by Mikhail Pletnev
Sergey Polunin to Perform at “Zaryadye”
10 April: world famous dancer’s SACRÉ ballet,
live broadcasting
“Zaryadye” Put On-Line Concerts on Pause
But we keep on touch at social networks and our website
“Zaryadye”: Jazz Gig On-Line
Today, Daniil Kramer Trio
with Anton Rumyantsev (saxophone) play
at the Grand Hall.
Organ Concert, Online Broadcasting from “Zaryadye” Grand Hall
Lada Labzina, today at 7 PM
At the website and all social networks
Olga Zhukova: “We Were the First to Go On-Line”
“Zaryadye” Hall CEO at Mikhail Shvydkoy TV talk show “Agora”
at “Kultura” TV channel.
Address of “Zaryadye” CEO Olga Zhukova
Take care of your family and yourself, and get re-charged with music with us!
Anton Batagov and Nadine Koutcher Concert Now Available On-Line
The video version of “Cycle of Songs ‘16+’”
is available at youtube
First Day of Silence: On-Line Concert
Today at “Zaryadye”: Darya Moroz with Ivan Rudin

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