The Organ

   Summer of 2018 saw the beginning of organ installation. The instrument was created by the French company Muhlesen in Strasbourgh. With its number of registers, the organ is the largest in the Russian capital, and one of the biggest in Europe. The organ of Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” can boast of as many as 85 registers, 4-manual keyboard console (61 keys), and a mobile console with 4 manuals (32 keys). The organ parts are being delivered step by step, with first parts were delivered March 23, 2018. The organ’s tuning will have been completed by the organ masters in September 2019, so it’s that time that the audience will have the first opportunity to hear the first sounds of the King of Instruments. Information on the instrument’s height, width, depth, and weight would be posted after the installation is completed.

organ2.png organ3.png