The Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye”, set in “Zaryadye” park right at the Kremlin’s walls, is the most expected and high-sounding of all recent culture project.

The story of its creation began in January 2012. It was then that Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested to create a modern park zone with developed infrastructure and modern concert hall instead of the graceless and obsolete hotel “Rossiya”.

The “Mosinzhproyek” company became the general contractor and projector. The dismantling of the hotel had been finished by July 2015, when the construction of the new culture complex began. The walls of the new concert hall had been erected as early as in 2016, and in 2017 the interior finishing began.

The concert hall is not only carefully designed to match the artificial relief of “Zaryadye” park, it is one of the key elements in the park’s view. The façade and the roof are among the architectural features of the Hall. The main entry is oriented towards the archways of Kitaygorodskiy Proyezd, but pedestrians and cars could enter the building either from the side of Kitay-Gorod, or from the Park. The Hall has 4 floors, 2 underground floors, 2 halls (the Big and the Small), the concert organ, 12 artistic rooms (rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, and the artists’ rooms with enhanced comfort), and wide-ranging collection of music instruments.

The construction and technical equipment of the Hall were supervised by the Moscow city government and by the mayor Sergey Sobyanin personally.

Зарядье открытие 6.JPG Мосинж.jpg _Парк Зарядье. стройка. DSC_8353.jpg