Duo A&A. “Dance of Death” on two harpsichords


The programme is subject to change

21 September 2019 Saturday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Duo A&A. “Dance of Death” on two harpsichords

Performing Dvořák and Saint-Saëns on a harpsichord?! Exactly! For A&A Cembalo Duo, such an extraordinary approach to performance on the ancestor of contemporary grand piano is an artistic conviction and a baseline of each their performance. Anna Kiskachi and Anastasia Antonova believe that harpsichord is an appropriate instrument for any musical style from Renaissance to contemporary writing. They encouraged the revaluation of the capacity of this instrument and an increasing interest in it. Those who still think that harpsichord is an old-fashioned instrument with limited capabilities will be really amazed. With a little help from new technologies, it may deliver a vivid and deep sound even in the largest concert halls.

An extravagant A&A Cembalo Duo is the only harpsichord duo in Russia. Kiskachi and Antonova attended the best music schools in Moscow, Salzburg, Vienna, and Munich, and were awarded at the world’s major harpsichord competitions (the International J.S.Bach Competition in Leipzig, Musica Antiqua Brugge, the International Harpsichord Volkonsky Competition in Moscow, and the International Early Music Competition YAMANASHI in Japan and the SVIREL International Competition in Slovenia). A&A Cembalo Duo’s brilliant performance at the most prestigious music festivals deserved pan-European recognition and made Kiskachi and Antonova famous. The European media praises them for musicality, intellect, mastery, and sense of humour.

The debut A&A Cembalo Duo’s programme to be performed in Zaryadye Hall with a mystical “Danse Macabre” title represents the musical allegories of Madness, Love, Life and Death through dances composed in five centuries: from the Renaissance pavanes and galliards to the Hungarian passacaglia by György Ligeti. The “Danse Macabre” by Saint-Saëns tailored by A&A Cembalo Duo for two harpsichords is going to be icing on the cake. Some visual and individual background created by Vasily Bychkov will support each piece of the programme.