Running time:
80 minutes, no break

The programme is subject to change

6 February 2020 Thursday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Trio Volkov-Shilkloper-Starostin

Vladimir Volkov, double bass
Arkady Shilkloper, french horn, flugelhorn
Sergey Starostin, vocal, folk instruments
Neo-jazz French horn player Arkady Shilkloper and Russian folklore researcher Sergey Starostin has been collaborating since the previous century. It was then that they gained European recognition as the Moscow Art Trio, the third being pianist Misha Alperin. The band performed less frequently after Alperin had settled in Norway, but it was the beginning of a new trio of Shilkloper, Starostin, and the double bass player Vladimir Volkov. By that time Volkov has already gained recognition as part of the duo with trumpeter/composer Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky; later he became best known as the frequent collaborator of Leonyd Fyodorov of avant-rock band “AuktsYon” fame, and their duo keeps on performing.

“Volkov’s energy and ingenuity, refined musical technique and virtuosity of Shilkloper-the-“hornsmith”, and unique genuine Russian folk voice of Starostin, full of feelings and meditation, create an awesome atmosphere of tension and miracle!”, Oleg Stepurko, famous Russian jazz composer, trumpet player, and professor.