Shilkloper – Volkov – Kondakov trio


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27 October 2020 Tuesday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Shilkloper – Volkov – Kondakov trio

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Arkady Shilkloper is a world famous French horn player, who plays numerous other reeds, ethnic as well as classical, like flugelhorn. He is a member of honour of the International French Horn Society. As a pioneer of new sound and music, he goes beyond all boundaries. He gained recognition in Europe as a member of Moscow Art Trio (with Sergey Starostin and great late Misha Alperin). He performed with bands as diverse as Vienna Art Orchestra, WDR Big Band, Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band (USA), and Vince Mendoza Orchestra, among many others.

Pianist Andrey Kondakov is the key figure of Saint Petersburg jazz. He is known to play all kinds of improvised music, from classic jazz to free. He studied at Leningrad conservatory. Besides playing music, he is an initiator of numerous international music projects, curator of some jazz programmes of several festivals, and the art director of JFC club. Among many world jazz stars Kondakov played with are Bobby Mcferrin, Randy Brecker, Lenny White (check their albums “Fairy Tale In The Rain” and “Blues for 4”), David Sanchez, and Vladimir Chekasin.

Double bass player Vladimir Volkov first gained recognition as part of the duo with trumpeter/composer Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky. Later he became best known as the frequent collaborator of Leonyd Fyodorov of avant-rock band “AuktsYon” fame, and their duo keeps on performing. Volkov also plays baroque music with viola de gamba. He’s the art director of “VolkovTrio” band.

The trio is formed by masters of contemporary jazz, who have been playing together for more than 20 years now. They successfully perform at festivals in Austria, Germany, Norway, and Finnland. Their album “OutLine”, first published in the early 2000’s, was re-released couple of years ago by British Leo Records.

The trio doesn’t play too often, but each concert always turns into an unforgettable performance that suggests either intrigue or the highest level of musicianship. At “Zaryadye’s” Small Hall the trio would present their programme “Underwater World”. Pieces from “OutLine”, as well as new compositions, are in the set-list.