Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes


“7 Peccati Capitali”
(“The Seven Deadly Sins”)
13 March 2022 Sunday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

“Seven Deadly Sins”

Cappella Mediterrannea
Conductor – Leonardo García Alarcón
The concert was postponed from 25 April 2021
Tickets for 25 April 2021 are valid.

Ana Vieira Leite, soprano
Gwendoline Blondeel, soprano
Filippo Mineccia, countertenor
Valerio Contaldo, tenor
Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani, tenor
Hugo Oliveira, bass

This smartly composed programme represents Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Virtues, and all of them sing Monteverdi opera arias or madrigals. According to the 17th century believes each aria mirrors one human passion (“affect”) that is why the idea of reflecting on what passions Monteverdi arias represent seems to be both reasonable and intriguing.

The musicians discovered all of the sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth), which are also contrary to the seven virtues, in three Monteverdi operas and some madrigals. Leonardo García Alarcón, Argentina-born conductor living in Switzerland, made a studio recording of the programme with his ensemble Cappella Mediterrannea, and a team of young soloists. The recording was released the in 2016 to great critical acclaim – in fact it was nominated for “Recording of the Year” by Victoires de la Musique, and received a prize of AllMusic web. There’s an excerpt from the AllMusic review: “This extraordinary album was released in anticipation of the 450th anniversary of Monteverdi's birth, and the enthusiasm and high energy of Capella Mediterranea's performances suggest that their celebrations in 2017 will be quite lively and entertaining”. Let’s keep celebrating it in Zaryadye!