13 April 2022 Wednesday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Thomas Quasthoff
With Jazz Trio

The concert is cancelled
The stunning career of Thomas Quasthoff spanned for over 40 years. The outstanding German bass-baritone made history as one of the best performers of vocal music of his compatriot composers, along with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. The latter, by the way, has always credited Quasthoff as his successor.

Two Deutsche Grammophon albums of Quasthoff and Mahler’s cycle “The Boy’s Magic Horn” (“Des Knaben Wunderhorn”) earned the singer three Grammys.

In 2012, though, Quasthoff decides to retire from classical music in order to perform… jazz!

Here he was a success, too. In 2017, the same classical label, Deutsche Grammophon, did release his first jazz effort dubbed “The Jazz Album (Watch What Happens)” to great public and critical acclaim. It received a Grammy nomination.
For the last ten years, Thomas Quasthoff has been touring intensively with his jazz trio. 2018 saw the release of his collaborative album with German NDR Big Band.

“When established classical singers try their hand at jazz and musicals, there is good reason to be worried. … Mercifully, the first emotion on playing his Jazz Album is relief. There is none of the grim rigidity associated with the classical singer – instead, Quastoff glides through a selection of showtunes and standards with a relaxed sense of swing, and a soft American accent that recalls, variously, Lou Rawls, Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole”, the Guardian wrote.