Organ Concert, Online Broadcasting from “Zaryadye” Grand Hall
Lada Labzina, today at 7 PM
At the website and all social networks
Olga Zhukova: “We Were the First to Go On-Line”
“Zaryadye” Hall CEO at Mikhail Shvydkoy TV talk show “Agora”
at “Kultura” TV channel.
Address of “Zaryadye” CEO Olga Zhukova
Take care of your family and yourself, and get re-charged with music with us!
Anton Batagov and Nadine Koutcher Concert Now Available On-Line
The video version of “Cycle of Songs ‘16+’”
is available at youtube
First Day of Silence: On-Line Concert
Today at “Zaryadye”: Darya Moroz with Ivan Rudin
Attention! List of Concerts to be Changed
Please, follow the cancellations / changes of events
at “Zaryadye” Hall homepage.
  TV Channel “Kultura” on Wayne Marshall’s gig at “Zaryadye”
English organist and conductor Wayne Marshall performed 
with The State Academic Symphony Orchestra "Evgeny Svetlanov" 
and Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir.
Olga Zhukova in the air of “Ekho Moskvy” Radio
Chat with the “Zaryadye” Hall CEO – 8 March, 00.00
“Zaryadye” set the record
“The longest running organ concert in a concert hall, 24 hours”
Moscow Zaryadye Hall expresses gratitude to Compagnia Finzi Pasca
and mr Daniele Finzi Pasca personally, for the production and assistance in the holding of the unique event that took place in the Hall: the Inauguration of the concert organ.
Third concert season: tickets on sale
At the 2nd of March 2020 at 00.00
Ticket sale for the 3rd “Zaryadye” season starts
Olga Zhukova: interview for “Sputnik” Radio
The inauguration of the organ is a landmark event.
“Zaryadye” Park Works Day and Night During Inauguration of Organ
The audience that is going to visit the inauguration could also visit attraction “Polyot” (“The Flight”), and Mediahall 360, where movies “Time Machine” and “Russia. Virtual Journey” are shown.
 “Zaryadye” Organ Ready for Inauguration
Today in “Zaryadye” concert hall,
the acceptance commission inspected
the big concert organ produced by French Mühleisen.

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