A night of three “first nights”

Three brand new works of Pawel Karmanov, the Russia- and world-wide renowned composer, will be performed the Small Hall of Zaryadye on November 26.
The first part of the concert includes well-known pieces: Mozart’s Concert symphony for string sextet, and Fantasy c-moll (completed by Maximilian Shtadler), as well as Michael Nyman’s, String Quartet №2.

The brand-new compositions by Karmanov are in the second part. For the first time in Russia two pieces would be performed: “Gollandiya” (“Holland”) for soprano, piano quintet, and tape, and “I made my home” for string sextet, prepared piano, and tapes. “Shumaniana” (“A Tribute to Schumann”) for solo piano is the world premiere.

More on the concert: https://zaryadyehall.com/afisha/novim/motsart-nayman-karmanov/

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