“Zaryadye” Organ Ready for Inauguration

 “Zaryadye” Organ Ready for Inauguration
Today in “Zaryadye” concert hall,
the acceptance commission inspected
the big concert organ produced by French Mühleisen.

The members of the commission were briefed on the history of building and installation of the instrument. “Zaryadye” CEO Olga Zhukova and the chief of Mühleisen Patrick Armand delivered welcome address. 

“I have an honor to introduce to you the reault of our hard work”, Mr Armand said. “We invested vore than 3000 hours of our lives into the organ”. After that, photos and videos about delivery, installation, and fine tuning of the instruments were shown by him.
Olga Zhukova also spoke about a unique event – first showcase of the organ to regular “Zaryadye” visitors. 

“It wouldn’t be just a usual organ gala, but a 24-hour long event, during which leading organists of the world will showcase all the possibilities of the new instrument”, Zhukova specified. “Not just a regular concert, but the Inauguration of the largest instrument in Moscow”.
After the welcoming speeches, the commission inspected the inner niche of Mühleisen organ in order to estimate quality of all parts of the instrument, from the bottom to upper levels. A short organ concert was played then, so that the commission could evaluate the sound and two keyboard consoles, mobile and fixed. 

The unanimous verdict was: the great concert organ at “Zaryadye” Hall is ready for exploitation.

There’s only one thing left: to choose a proper name for such an instrument!