Music of Hungarian Composers at Zaryadye Hall

Music of Hungarian Composers at Zaryadye Hall

11 May 2021

16 May at the Grand hall
MGSO, Ivan Rudin, Valentin Uryupin to play Liszt, Bartók

Music of Hungarian Composers at Zaryadye Hall

This Sunday, the 16th of May, at 7 PM Zaryadye’s Grand hall presents pieces of two Hungarian composers, Franz Liszt and Bela Bartók. Moscow State Symphony Orchestra (MGSO) is onstage, Valentin Uryupin is the conductor, and the piano player is Ivan Rudin, the art director of the orchestra.

Liszt’s “Dance of the Dead” and Concerto for piano №2 in A Minor are performed during the first part of the night. Virtuosic piano pieces by Liszt are notoriously hard to play, it’s always challenge to play them live even for virtuoso piano player. During the second part, MGSO performs Bartok’s Concerto for orchestra – one of the most sophisticated symphonic oeuvres ever written. It’s sheet music is full of solos – for separate musicians, as well as for orchestra groups, it is saturated with ensemble dialogues, and is really imbued by timbre polyphony.

Ever since the first season of Zaryadye, MGSO performs here, presenting different programmes every time the orchestra is onstage. The programmes are equally accessible for both young audience and connoisseurs.
Ivan Rudin was appointed art director of the Orchestra in 2017 to develop the orchestra, to get it to new heights. Rudin combines his art director’s work with those of conductor and piano player, touring the whole world.

Valentin Uryupin, prize winner of international music contests, and holder of prestigious awards, is one of the most versatile and successful Russian conductors of the new generation.

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