Sergei Sobyanin congratulates cultural workers

Sergei Sobyanin congratulates cultural workers

25 March 2021
Sergei Sobyanin congratulates cultural workers

“Hearty congratulations on the Cultural Workers Day!

In challenging times, art can be the most important support for people, since it can inspire, give strength, and create new opportunities. The situation like that was described in many books we all of us read, but experienced ourselves in the year 2020. Locked doors of libraries, museums, theatres, culture centres, cinemas, and art schools broke hearts of millions of people who couldn’t imagine their lives deprived of culture and creativity.

Even in those unprecedent circumstances, though, you manage to find the way to hearts of Muscovites. Thank you very much, dear friends. With full understanding of the challenging situation that occurred during past year, Government of Moscow allocated significant additional resources to maintain decent wage for cultural workers. It won’t be long before Moscow turns the pandemic page, and then we’ll see sold out events in your halls again, while the City of Moscow will keep on creating favourable environment for your ideas to be realized as exhibitions, festivals, premieres, and other projects that decorate Moscow.

I wish you good health, happiness, and joy of meeting Muscovites and tourists”.

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