Tour around Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” to be part of “Night in Museum”

May 18, at 11 PM, the tour around new Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” (opened on the 8th of September 2018) will take place. In 2019, “Zaryadye” takes part in the annual city action called “Night in Museum”.

15 May 2019

Opera singer Polina Shamayeva performed in Small Hall of “Zaryadye” May 13

For her first solo concert ever, the famous singer made up a special set-list of either
well known or rare arias.

14 May 2019

Xavier de Maistre, Yuri Bashmet, chamber ensemble “Moscow Soloists”, live online streaming at zaryadyehall.com

April 16, 19.00 online broadcasting of the concert from the Grand Hall of “Zaryadye” starts.

11 April 2019

Musician and singer Radik Tülüsh, Chalama project performed in the Small Hall of Zaryadye

Tuvan throat singing is a magic art that needs no translation.

10 April 2019

Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye” receive “Bravo” First Prize

The jury unanimously voted for the new concert complex “Zaryadye” nominated as “Venue of the year”.

28 March 2019

“Energy of Endless Development” sculpture is installed in Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye”

Sculpture composition based on idea of Möbius loop is installed in the foyer of “Zaryadye” Hall on March 27, 2019.

27 March 2019

First live broadcast from Moscow concert hall Zaryadye

The first live broadcast from the new concert hall took place at 8th of March

10 March 2019

Zaryadye to sell tickets for concerts of new season from March 1

Director General of “Zaryadye” Hall Olga Zhukova told mass media about start of
ticket sale, inauguration of the organ, and new customer services

27 February 2019

Mexican tenor Ramon Vargas talks about his concert in Zaryadiye

The world famous singer Ramon Vargas performed in the Grand Hall of Zaryadiye February 20

22 February 2019

Active Citizen voted for “Zaryadye”

According to “active citizens”, the opening of the new concert hall “Zaryadye” is the main event in the Moscow culture life in 2018.

30 January 2019

Julius Baer becames the first General Partner of Zaryadye Moscow Concert Hall

Julius Baer, the leading Swiss private banking group, has signed a major sponsorship deal with the Zaryadye Moscow Concert Hall. The agreement is in line with the company’s strong dedication to supporting arts and culture across the globe as well as its long-standing commitment to the Russian market

28 January 2019

Grammy nominee Maxim Rysanov performs in “Zaryadye” Hall

Violin player Boris Brovtzyn and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Russian
Federation take part in the concert

11 December 2018

SACRÉ by Sergey Polunin – Russian premiere

The world famous dancer Sergey Polunin to present the Russian premiere of one-act ballets SACRÉ February 14 2019 at Zaryadye Grand Hall

5 December 2018

Joyce DiDonato appreciates Zaryadye’s acoustics

The world opera star’s new program “In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music” was presented to Moscow public during 2 concerts, on November 29 and the 1st of December

3 December 2018

Opening of X International Festival of Cello Music VIVACELLO, November 11, Grand Hall

The opening will see the world premiere of Giya Kancheli’s oeuvre for cello and orchestra «Т — S — D»

31 October 2018

Rachmaninov Music Festival’s closing concert in Zaryadye Concert Hall

The oevres of Rachmaninov, Beethoven, and Ravel will be performed October 22 in the Grand Hall of Zaryadye

30 October 2018

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