Press conference for “Red Riding Hood” ballet

Press conference for “Red Riding Hood” ballet

5 December 2019

“Zaryadye” Hall and Sergey Polunin
disclose their collaborative New Year project

Press conference for “Red Riding Hood” ballet

Today, on the 5th of December, TASS information agency held press-conference for the collaborative project of “Zaryadye” Hall with Sergey Polunin, a ballet called “Red Riding Hood”. Authors of the ballet, leading actors, and “Zaryadye” CEO Olga Zhukova were the speakers. It was the first time the authors of the project told journalists about the forthcoming event, while the artists revealed some interesting details, and talked about the preparation of “Red Riding Hood”.

Olga Zhukova on the origin of the idea: “We met in February, during ‘Sacre’ ballet premiere in ‘Zaryadye’. It was the first time Sergey performed for Moscow audience. His venue of choice was our Hall, and this fact made me extremely happy. Then, we discussed some planes for a children show, but I can’t really believe that the idea came into practice so fast. The fact that the project will be shown on the New Year’s eve – when all the fantastic dreams come true – is probably the New Year miracle. I would like to thank The Cultural Department of the City of Moscow for their financial support of this global and bold collaborative project”.
“It’s not completely my idea”, Sergey Polunin noted. “I’m just a person who connects people. I’ve only found people who were keen to create a real and unusual fairy tale”. 

The authors say that the genre of “Red Riding Hood” at “Zaryadye” Hall is family entertainment. The question about the expected audience was answered by Polunin: “Originally, our ‘Red Riding Hood’ had been a childrens spectacle in any way. But can one really imagine a fairy tale without young people among audience? It was then that we decided to do our best to make the show interesting even for toddlers! Show, smoke, beautiful costumes and scenery are there. The great bonus of ballet as a genre that is has no words, it means it’s impossible to offend anybody, for everybody understands it his or her own way”.
We invite everybody to visit the premiere of “Red Riding Hood” ballet at the Grand Hall of “Zaryadye”!

The shows: December 29, 2 PM & 7 PM; December 30 12.00.

Tickets are sold only in “Zaryadye” box office

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