Friends of “Zaryadye” Club Meeting

Friends of “Zaryadye” Club Meeting

2 December 2019

“Zaryadye” regulars met its CEO and artists

Friends of “Zaryadye” Club Meeting

On the 1st of December “Zaryadye” Hall held the first meeting of the Friends of “Zaryadye” Club. This is a one of a kind way of communication of art aficionados. The idea of the Club that unites musician, artist, and fan community, has been there from the first day of the Hall’s existence. We have always wanted to listen to your opinion about the quality of our work – and how to make it better – in an informal setting. 

Yesterday, on the 1st of December, the Club met for the first time. Indeed, it was the unique way to improve our work. 

Those who were invited are our most frequent visitors. The guests had an opportunity to talk to the Hall’s CEO Olga Zhukova and heads of Departments, as well as the Hall’s artist friends. “The idea to create the Club was very natural, for the dialog with the audience is very important for us, and we always want feedback from you, our regular visitors”, Zhukova underlined. And during the meeting the guests shared their impressions and opinions, and made suggestions. 

Vera Tariverdieva, widow of prominent Russian composer Mikael Tariverdiev, attended the meeting. “The Hall of that level in Russia is just a miracle”, Mrs Tariverdieva said. “The team of the Hall matches highest standards of the music performed here. It took very short time to turn the new Hall into an internationally acclaimed venue, and ‘a miracle’ is the only word I can think of when I think about it. Many must-see concerts take place here. And the creation of the Club shows us nothing but a desire to make friends, to receive feedback, which simply means: to become better each and every day”.

The famous artist Pavel Kaplevich was produces of many shows in “Zaryadye”. He noticed that the team lets him organize most audacious and complicated projects, from either technical or cultural point of view. “It’s not every venue that is ready to venture into that kind of work”, Kaplevich added. 

Pianist and composer Anton Batagov was another important guest. He noted that “‘Zaryadye’ is not just another new venue. Energetically, it’s a very strong place. Not just your usual workplace where people come to idle several hours. Every one who works here contributes to what finally happens on stage. Today, the notion of a ‘genre’ becomes irrelevant. The borders between classics, contemporary, and jazz tend to disappear, and the team perfectly understands it. That’s why ‘Zaryadye’ is the real XXI century venue, first and foremost ideologically”.

And we, the team of “Zaryadye”, would like to thank everyone who took part in the Meeting. We welcome you to become a member of our Club, and help us develop and achieve better results!

Privileges and objectives of the Club will be posted soon at zaryadyehall.com. There you would find all the information on how to become our Friend. 

And it’s a very simple test: you just have to love music!

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