Press conference in “Zaryadye”: second concert season, organ presentation

Press conference in “Zaryadye”: second concert season, organ presentation

29 August 2019

Today, “Zaryadye” Hall held a press conference dedicated to the Hall’s second concert season, and the presentation of the Hall’s newly installed organ.

Press conference in “Zaryadye”: second concert season, organ presentation

Minister of Culture of Moscow, Head of Cultural Department of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky, “Zaryadye” Hall’s CEO Olga Zhukova, and Head of the organ producing company Müshleisen Patrick Armand were the speakers.

Alexander Kibovsky noted that the significant results were achieved during the first season. The Head of Cultural Department underlined the keen interest of foreign audience (US residents and Europeans make 20% and 62% of our site visitors, respectively).

Olga Zhukova said that young people make the greater part of our audience. “We work every day to attract more youth. Actually, one of our greatest tasks is to attract young people, and make them our permanent visitors. The task is fulfilled, according to the first season’s figures: more than 40% of our audience are people before thirty”. The Director of the Hall also told journalists about new services, with the main feature: the mobile app zaryadyehall.com that will be launched any day now
As for the new season’s billboard, it does not concede to the previous year’s. Many great names are already on the billboard, with the list to be added, and some world premieres to be held.

The main event of this year is installation of the organ. The instrument is the biggest one in Moscow, and one of the largest in Europe. The inauguration of the “King of Instruments” is scheduled for February 29th, 2020. Musicians from France will present the instrument, for it was built by the oldest French organ producer Mühleisen.

“To build an organ is always a very long painstaking work, technical and creative. And this is the case with each and every Mühleisen oran”, Mühleisen CEO Patrick Armand confesses.

“And the organ designed for this very venue is very special, for it was being built to match the contemporary architecture and unique acoustics of “Zaryadye”. We’ll keep in touch with the Hall’s team and will follow the musical destiny of our creation forever, even after the tuning have been finished”.

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