Running time:
60 minutes, no break

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11 October 2020 Sunday 15.00 Small Hall
15.00 Small Hall

Music in Theater Space
Wien. Theater An der Wien

Larissa Kirillina lecture
Theater an der Wien is the only historical opera theatre in Wien that exists from the day of its opening in 1801.

The theatre was the brainchild of the Viennese theatrical impresario Emanuel Schikaneder, who is best known as Mozart's librettist and collaborator on the opera “The Magic Flute” (1791). Schikaneder's troupe had already been successfully performing for several years in Vienna in the smaller Theater auf der Wieden and this is where “The Magic Flute” had premiered. As the troupe's performances often emphasized spectacle and scenery, the librettist felt ready to move to a larger and better equipped venue.

Theater An der Wien’s history is closely linked to Beethoven. In 1803 and 1808, concerts of composer took place here, and it was here in 1805 that his opera “Leonora” (“Fidelio”) flopped. The re-worked version of the opera was premiered in 1806, again to poor reception. It took several more years for it’s triumph to come. 

Larissa Kirillina, art PhD in Arts and a professor of Moscow Conservatory, will tell dramatic stories of the troubled “Leonora” first night and contemporary production, as well as of seen and secret behind-the-wings life of the theatre. 

After the lecture is finished, the audience would have opportunity to ask questions.