Running time:
1 part by 90 minutes
16 January 2021 Saturday 13.00 Chamber hall
13.00 Chamber hall

Famous Jazz Vocalists
Karina Kozhevnikova, vocal
Lev Kushnir Trio

Lecture by Mikhail Mitropolsky

"The people love the song"
Notable jazz vocalists: Mills Brothers, F. Sinatra, E. Fitzgerald, S. Vaughan, N.K. Cole,
R. Charles, Lee P., McRae C. and others
with fragments of films on the screen.

Mikhail Mitropolsky is a jazz columnist, radio and TV presenter. Member of the International Jazz Journalists Association (JJA). For nearly 50 years he has been researching jazz music and frontier musical phenomena. Since 1978 he has lectured on the history and style of jazz at the Moscow College of Musical Improvisation, since that time he has conducted numerous jazz concerts and festivals in different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania. Since 1989 he was the author of radio programs at various Moscow radio stations: "Mayak", "Yunost", "Vozrozhdenie", "Radio 101", "Open Radio",  "Nadezhda" and “Moscow Says, Radio of Russia.