27 February 2021 Saturday 13.00 Chamber hall
13.00 Chamber hall

Be-bop. Classics of bop
Petr Vostokov Bop-project

In the early 1940s, the most progressive jazz performers "revolutionized" the clichés of 1930s entertainment music – which they felt were “perverting” the true African American foundations of jazz. This is how the B-bop style arose, aka Bop, Re-bop, etc. Nobody then thought that it would become the basis of modern jazz. This breakthrough was undertaken by young New York musicians, including alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie, drummer Kenny Clark, pianist Thelonious Monk.

Mikhail Mitropolsky is a jazz columnist, radio and TV presenter. Member of the International Jazz Journalists Association (JJA). For about 50 years he has been researching jazz music

Pyotr Vostokov is a Russian jazz trumpeter. He played with the best jazz bands in Russia: Anatoly Kroll's Akademik Band, Igor Butman's Big Band, Alexey Kozlov's Arsenal, with ensembles of Vagif Sadikhov, Ivan Farmakovsky and Viktor Eponeshnikov. In October 2010, Pyotr Vostokov presented his own lineup – the Big Jazz Orchestra.