Running time:
70 minutes, no break


Quintet for Piano and Winds 

The programme is subject to change

22 September 2019 Sunday 15.00 Small Hall
15.00 Small Hall

Lecture-concert. Simple Music Ensemble

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The philosophy of the music of classicist epoch is very simple: it must give you joy and happiness. As Josef Haydn would say, “Life is tragic enough, and if music helps you forget about it at list for a short moment, then it’s a good music”. Please notice, that this quintet is not a simple one, but – the brass one. That means that instead of conventional strings (no disrespect, they are beautiful!) you’ll enjoy rich and subtle sound combination of oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, and piano. The Quintet was written March 30, 1784; Wolfgang Amadeus in a letter to his father noticed that he considers this quintet to be one of his best pieces ever written. And that was “mature” Mozart, and most of his great music had already been written to that moment. 

So, you’ll hear the story of this masterpiece. You’ll learn everything about the instruments it was written for, and discover many interesting things about Mozart, one of the greatest composers ever. 

And as a bonus – the first part of Beethoven’s Quintet for the similar set of instruments, inspired by the Mozart’s Quintet. 

Simple Music Ensemble is a consortium of instrumental ensembles, chamber music studio. The number of musicians can be from two to thirteen; the repertoire extends from Renaissance to contemporary music, from popular pieces to real rarities. 

Grigory Volkov is the art director of the project.