Diana Kinarskaya  “Music Emergency” Concert-lecture
Running time:
90 minutes, no break

The programme is subject to change

4 April 2020 Saturday 15.00 Small Hall
15.00 Small Hall

Diana Kinarskaya “Music Emergency”

The concert is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the concert hall
Written by Diana Kinarskaya and Yulia Brook
Humanitarian Project “Ob’yektiv Kultury” (“The Lens of Culture”)

Crossover Quartet:

Alexander Barklyansky, violin
Nadezhda Kotnova, piano
Yevgeny Altudin, accordion
Andrey Berezin, double bass

Since the ancient time, music is known to have a special ability to manipulate our senses. It cures soul wounds, inspires, soothes, etc. It seems to be able to do with us whatever it wants, while we don’t ever seem to resist. What’s wrong with this situation, is music really so powerful, and we are so dependent? The answer is yes. Yes, it is. That’s so important what we listen to. 

So, what music do we really need? The answer is that simple: classical. Why? Is there nothing else to choose from? And tastes do differ. But there are three reasons why classics should be you music of choice. The first is it’s inexhaustible variety. Lots of situations that you can relate to; so classics is universally psychological. The second: you can get a lifetime experience within rather short time. And the last but not the least: it expands our spiritual horizon.
It doesn’t mean that our project touch on the classics only, but this genre is the priority. And we use all its “medical abilities”.