Running time:
60 minutes, no break


Märchenbilder, Op.113

Sonata in D Major BWV 1028

Passacaglia in G Minor for solo violin
Transcription for viola 

17 October 2020 Saturday 15.00 Chamber hall
15.00 Chamber hall

Sergei Tischenko, viola
Elizaveta Miller, harpsichord

Back to Baroque. Concert with explanations
he pieces of Bach and Schumann that would be performed during this concert are 100 years apart. Not only music idioma, melodies, harmonies, etc. changed during that period, but even music instruments. New playing techniques for strings evolved, while harpsichord virtually disappeared giving way first to Hammerklavier, then to grand piano.

During the concert, musicians Sergei Tischenko and Elizaveta Miller will talk about Romantic and baroque styles, and show the articulation of both styles. You’ll listen to the same theme played twice, grand piano and viola first, then viola and harpsichord. Sure, it’s no brainer to tell a piano from a harpsichord, but what about the difference between baroque viola and Romantic viola?

Viola player Sergei Tischenko is the soloist of Pratum Integrum chamber orchestra. He plays both contemporary and historical viola. Tischenko is a laureate of the International Van Wassenaer Competition, the Hague, and a participant of multitude of Pratum Integrum projects including recent concerts in “Zaryadye” Grand Hall with conductors Stefano Montanari and Reinhard Goebel. Tischenko took part in a Presidential grant sponsored event, video recording of Russian symphonies and ensembles of the 18th century. He is a constant participant of “Viola is My Life” festival, and “Persimfans” ensemble. He also collaborates with Questa Musica, Musica Viva, and State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia. 

Harpsichord player Elizaveta Miller is a professor of Moscow Conservatory. She plays piano as well as a range of historical keyboards, harpsichord, organ, Hammerklavier. In 2013, she became first Russian female piano player to win “Hammerklavier” nomination of a prestigious international contest, and a year before she had won 1st Prize of Paris International Piano Competition named after Nikolai Rubinshtein. She is a frequent collaborator with Mark Pekarskiy ensemble, and New Music Studio. She took part in recording of “André Volkonsky Early Works”, “John Cage”, “The Precise Music of Galina Ustvolskaya – the Six Piano Sonatas” CD’s.