Festival Vivacello opening
Running time:
1 part – 60 minutes, 2 part – 40 minutes


Concert-rhapsody for cello and orchestra

"Le reve de Maya", double concerto for cello and bayan

Concerto grosso №1 for tree cellos and orchestra

The programme is subject to change

10 November 2019 Sunday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Festival Vivacello opening

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductors: Dmitry Filatov and Krzysztof Penderecki
Narek Hakhnazaryan, cello
Nikolay Sivchuk, bayan
Boris Andrianov, cello
Claudio Bohórquez, cello
Danjulo Ishizaka, cello
Chen Yibai, cello

The VIVACELLO festival was launched in 2008. For the past eleven years it has become one of the most popular music events of the Russian capital. Sold out is no wonder, for the Festival invariably introduces to its audience only the world’s best cello players and interesting concept programmes. That’s the way the Festival’s art director, famous cellist Boris Andrianov, expandes the audience of cello.