“A Tale of the Golden Cockerel” with sand animation
Running time:
80 minutes, no break

The programme is subject to change

24 November 2019 Sunday 12.00 Small Hall
12.00 Small Hall

“A Tale of the Golden Cockerel”
with sand animation

To mark 220th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin
Sand show – Liliya Chistina
Narrator –Alexey Zhirov
Music – “Melodion” string quartet 
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Author, director – Natalia Tupikova-Moroz

“A Tale of the Golden Cockerel” is a spectacle with music, poetry, and sand animation, based on a tale of Alexander Pushkin, the most “oriental” of all of his masterpieces. The project was created to commemorate 220th birthday of the poet, and is designed to attract either children or adults.

The colourful scenery and sand animation, the enigmatic voice of the narrator, changing musical genres and interactive participation of young audience – you won’t simply get it out of your head for long time.

The pieces of legendary Bach, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov sound differently with all the aforementioned visuals. While the synthesis of the genres brings fantastic images, every visitor can feel him/herself a bit like a musician, poet, and artist. 

The event is organized by IE Selgmae Tatyana Valeryevna
TIN 773112869912
Legal address: 121433, Moscow, Ul. Malaya Filyovskaya, 68
This concert is not included in discount programme of the Moscow Concert Hall “Zaryadye”