An updated version of the musical mystery “Vertep of Pavel Karmanov”
Running time:
80 minutes, no break
11 January 2019 Friday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

An updated version of the musical mystery “Vertep of Pavel Karmanov”

Based on the folk drama “Death of Herod the Great”

It was more than 15 years ago that Christmas Crib was performed in Moscow as a spectacle, rather than a theatrical or music reconstruction – for the first time since 1912. The quite unusual for the 21st century show was performed by a mixed band of classical, folk, and rock musicians. They managed to recreate the way a crib head been performed in Russia since 18th century.
Crib is a unique genre of folk theatre; it could be puppet or actors’ spectacle with the traditional Christmas plot.

Back in the year 2002, on the eve of Christmas, Pawel Karmanov’s “Crib” was sold out. Ancient Russian music vocal band “Sirin” (led by Andrey Kotov), Tatiana Grindenko’s string ensemble OpusPosth, Mark Pekarsky’s percussion band, chamber orchestra “Gnesin Virtuosos”, rock-band “Vezhlivy Otkaz” (“Polite Refusal”), and Karmanov himself gave a really fascinating show in the scenery of famous artist Teodor Tezhik.

In 2019, new performers are added to this cast, while the new video-art, that would immerse listeners in the spectacle’s atmosphere, was created for the premiere exclusively. The unique acoustic features of “Zaryadye” hall provide a listener with a perfect sound of each and every note played or sang.

The renewed version of “Crib of Pawel Karmanov” will tour Russia and abroad after the first night in “Zaryadye”.

The “Crib of Pawel Karmanov” in 2019 are:

Pawel Karmanov,
minimalist composer, piano and flute player. Member of Moscow Composers Union. In Russia, music of Pawel Karmanov is performed in Moscow conservatory, in Saint Petersburg Philharmonia, as well as at different festivals and concerts.

Modern Persymphans, recreated in 2008 by pianist and composer Pyotr Aidou, is a heir to the legendary conductor-free ensemble of 1920’s. The name Persymphans is abbreviation of “Perviy Symphonicheskiy Ansambl”, “First Symphoniс Ensemble”. Today’s Persymphans is a universal creative project. Culture studies, exhibitions, and theatre productions are being organized under the aegis of Persymphans.

Ensemble of ancient Russian Music “Sirin”, music director Andrey Kotov. Founded in 1989, the ensemble combines authentic singing, rich with overtones, and fine melodies, to create its own unique style. 

Arkady Shilkloper. Virtuoso of French horn, one of the best in the world. Composer, arranger, former member of “Moscow Art Trio”. Also plays a number of wind instruments of the world, including alpine horn. 

“Vezhliviy Otkaz” (Russian for “Polite Refusal”) is defined as a “rock group” in lack of better term only. Based in 1985 in Moscow, the band did refuse to follow any trend or fashion. They play a sophisticated mixture of jazz, folk, avant garde, and classical music, with each new album – or even composition – has nothing to do with the previous one, as if it were a new band every time. The debut album was released by “Melodiya” record label in 1989. Now the band’s dicgography includes 10 LPs. Pawel Karmanov joined the band in 2000 as the piano/flute player, and subsequently involved “V.O.” into his “Crib” project. 

Sergey Starostin – Russian ethnograph, singer, composer, produser, and TV presenter. Researches and performs Russian folk music. Performs either as soloist or with bands as diverse as of “Moscow Art Trio”, “Volkovtrio”, “Zhily-Byli”, “Sirin”, “Prosche Prostogo” (“The Simpliest Thing”), and “Zhivaya Zemlya” (“The Land is Alive”).

Sergey Klevensky – multi-instrumentalist, plays at least ten exotic wind instrumentsб from flutes to whistles. Easily fits in any band, from acoustic fusion to heavy electronic-laden rock.

Marian (Mario) Caldararu – musician, ancient arms and music instruments master. Co-author of “Yakruna” music project, plays with Anna Pingina, Sergey Starostin (as “Prosche Prostogo”), etc.

Children vocal ensemble “Veretentse”, music director – Valeriya Petrushina. Founded in 1981 by Yelena Krasnopevtseva. One of the leading Russian children ensembles that tries to keep Russian folk, music, and spiritual culture alive. 

Igor Gurovich – artist and designer, laureate of numerous prestigious design and graphic awards. A member of the President Council of Art and Culture.

Alexander Rusnak – the director of the renewed version of “Crib of Pawel Karmanov”. Theatre and movie director (“King of Pick Pocket Thieves”, “Yard”, “Shadows of Cardo Street” etc.), screenwriter. In 2018 Rusnak as the director and screenwriter created a holographic theatrical space about the Moscow’s history, past and present, which was introduced in the first day of Moscow Urban Forum in Zaryadye.  

The promoter: “MosArt” Ltd.
TIN: 7718805396
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