Konstantin Raikin “Above the farce, there’s heaven …”
Running time:
100 minutes, no break

The programme is subject to change

2 March 2019 Saturday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Konstantin Raikin “Above the farce, there’s heaven …”

Poetic solo performance
Poetic solo performance “Above the farce, there’s heaven …” is a heartfelt reading of great poetry

“What I do in this spectacle is very much like me, myself, - Says popular theatre and movie actor Konstantin Raikin. – My own identity is a multitude of genres. Poetry, especially the one of the highest level, is really a special state of soul… For me, to read a poem on stage is just the same as play a role, or perform a dramatic monologue. Poems abide by the same scene laws as any dramatic role. I feel a rise of real interest towards poetry now. A certain vitamin is missing in people’s soul food. Maybe, some good phrases, beautiful speech… Just read some Pushking, and the around you will get healthier, more sound, he’s just like church bells’ ringing…

My father (Arkady Raikin, the legendary Soviet stand-up comedian, - translator’s note) would tell me: always read poetry, do it regardless who your audience is, for it will help them to better understand you, and also to see many levels of life, from different points of view”.