Serenade for Strings in C major, Op. 48

Andante cantabile (II part of String Quartet №1 in D major, ор. 11)
Soloist Yuri Bashmet

“A Cloud in Trousers” poem (1915)

Concert in D for string orchestra (“Basle”), 1946, excerpts

Prokofiev / Barshai
“Visions fugitives”, op.22

Chamber symphony, оp. 110bis (String Quartet No. 8, arranged for string orchestra by Rudolf Barshai). Excerpts

Scherzo, op.11 №2

1 November 2020 Sunday 18.00 Grand hall
18.00 Grand hall

Mikhail Porechenkov
and “Solisti Moskvy”
Conductor and soloist – Yuri Bashmet

The concert is cancelled
Narrator Mikhail Porechenkov
“Solisti Moskvy” chamber ensemble 
Art director and chief conductor Yuri Bashmet 

An experimental show that combines music and theatre, and two superstars of two genres: world acclaimed viola virtuoso Yuri Bashmet and popular Russian movie actor Mikhail Porechenkov. 

For foreign audience, Bashmet needs no special introduction, while couple of words should be said about Mikhail Porechenkov. Porechenkov is one of the brightest stars of Russia now. He has been very in-demand actor for at least latest 20 years. During the forthcoming show at “Zaryadye”, Mikhail will read poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the main poet of Russian Revolution of 1917. The actor has penchant for the poet: “A Cloud in Trousers” was the poem of choice to read during his exams at theatre college. But it was only later that Mikhail realized what verses of the great poet should sound like when performed on stage. “Many people don’t seem to understand the beaty of Mayakovsky’s poems, they are embarrassed, thinking it to be ‘sorta Communist Party slogans, nothing else’’’, the actor laments. “It’s true, but Mayakovsky use ‘the slogans’ to shock us, to tease and tangle our feelings, to achieve maximum impact in the long run”.