Armenian State Symphony Orchestra
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes


Alexey Shor - St. Elmo Barcarolle for Violin and Orchestra

John Ter-Tadevosyan - Symphony No.2 “The Fate of a Man”

I Prologue 

II Allegro Vivo – Andante 

III Andante cantabile – Rubato, amabile con moto

IV Andante abbandonamente – Furioso con colore e vigare – Allegro risoluto – Andante maestoso – Andante abbandonamente 

V Epilogue


Johannes Brahms - Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77

I Allegro non troppo 

II Adagio 

III Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace - Poco più presto

Soloist: Maxim Vengerov (violin)

Conductor: Sergey Smbatyan

The programme is subject to change

21 January 2020 Tuesday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Armenian State Symphony Orchestra

Conductor – Sergey Smbatyan
Maxim Vengerov, violin
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ASSO's Artist-in-Residence for 2019–20 celebrated violinist Maxim Vengerov joins the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra in a programme reflecting on the strength of human spirit.

Grammy award-winning Maxim Vengerov and the ASSO will present masterful account of the famous piece for violin filled with the atmosphere of bright solemnity, which is not disturbed by the dramatic images intruding from time to time into the movement of music: Johannes Brahms - Violin Concerto in D major, Op.77, and then, creating a refreshing balance between classical music and new works, the Armenian Orchestra and the renowned soloist Maxim Vengerov will present a heartfelt work by the American-Maltese composer Alexey Shor, Composer-in-Residence for ASSO’s 2019/2020 season – “Barcarolle St Elmo for Violin and Orchestra”  - continuing the exploration of human emotions.

The ASSO also present the European premiere of Armenian composer John Ter-Tadevosyan Symphony No 2 "The Fate of Man", in which the composer acknowledges that through the ups and downs of life there is the uniquely human ability to roll with the punches, fight in the face of adversity and strive for better.

The concert is in the framework of the European tour organized by the European Foundation for Support of Culture and ASSO.