Interactive music project “Constellations”
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes

The programme is subject to change

29 March 2019 Friday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Interactive music project “Constellations”

Composer – Vadim Bondarenko
Vadim Bondarenko, piano; Maria Fedotova, flute
Vladimir Volkov, double bass; Victor Safroshin, video art

“Constellations” programme stems from some interesting music observations of Vadim Bondarenko, who is a recognized Saint Petersburg “alternative” composer, and his collegues, double bass player Vladimir Volkov (of Volkovtrio fame) and flutist Maria Fedotova, Mariinsky soloist. All three of them are musicians of the widest musical range, and as professional instrumentalists they have virtually no limits.

In “Zaryadye” Small Hall they perform 12 pieces for flute and modern basso continuo (piano and double bass), with some improvised parts. Vadim Bondarenko explains that music fabric of the pieces is woven of “earth and sky” and is an “earth reflection of the sky dome, a star map…” Fantastic video art accompanies the performance, and the work of video artist Victor Safroshin makes all the “Constellation” stars could be seen clearly.