Running time:
1 part by 40 minutes, 2 part by 45 minutes



Kokorin – Vybornov

Arranges Concerto for 2 violins, strings,
and basso continuo in D minor

Rodrigo – Gabriela

“Dance of the Drums”


“Look Out Little Ruth”

Witt – Sadlo

“Catching Shadows”


The programme is subject to change

27 March 2020 Friday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Drum Art Music

The concert is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the concert hall
Moscow Ensemble of Percussion Instrumets DrumArtMusic
Art director Ivan Kokorin

The DrumArtMusic was founded in 2018 by Moscow Conservatory graduates. And right after their brilliant debut at their alma matter, the ensemble started touring extensively. Nowdays, they try and popularize music for percussion instruments. The band collaborates with symphony and choir collectives, for instance. The result of this work is their first CD with the impressive track list spanning from Bach to J. Kosinsky. 

“Percussions are not only drums!” is their credo and motto. Percussion are the axis of music piece, its pulse. There are multitude of them, and all of them create rich timbre palette – either in new music, or in familiar classic pieces. Bedsides, DrumArtMusic concerts often turn into the real theatre where music, dance, and multimedia fuse into each other, and directly communicate with the audience. 

Set list of the band tends to include pieces written especially for percussive ensembles. And the members of the band often arrange classic masterpieces to their needs. Thus, the new programme introduces Bach, Piazzolla, Psats, Chopin, as well as original music written by the ensemble’s members.