7 February 2021 Sunday 19.00 Chamber hall
19.00 Chamber hall

Daniil Kramer, piano
Igor Fedorov, clarinet
Makar Novikov, double bass

The concert was postponed from 21 September 2020
Tickets for 29 April and 21 September 2020 are valid.

The cult jazz pianist Daniil Kramer, with inimitable passion draws musicians of the famous classical direction into the orbit of his favorite genre. One of those who followed Kramer into the jazz world was the outstanding solo clarinetist Igor Fedorov.

With the suggestion of Daniel Kramer, Igor began to study the works of the legendary American jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman, and took his iconic hits into his repertoire. They formed the basis of the musicians' joint program. Added to this are other non-jazz compositions that are played by artists with inimitable humor.