21 September 2021 Tuesday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Male Choir of Moscow Danilov monastery
Novospassky Monastery Choir

Siberian Male Choir
Moscow male chamber choir “Kastalsky”
Governoral male choir “Sofiya”
This evening, audience will get to know some sources of repertoire of Orthodox festive choirs. Best male choirs will show the beaty of music and vocal craft. During the second part of the show, all the participants of the concert – more than 100 singers! – will reunite on stage to deliver authentic powerful vocal polyphony.

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Festive Male Choir of Moscow Danilov monastery
Music director and chorister – Georgy Safonov

The Festive Male Choir of Danilov monastery is one of the world’s leading spiritual music ensembles. Its history is really unique, and it’s not easy to find another professional band with such an ancient tradition. The Choir is first mentioned in old chronicles. In Russia, both common people and nobility loved the Choir. After the October Revolution, some famous singers from other choirs gathered to form the “golden composition” of Danilov’s choir, and this very ensemble took part in divine service till 1930’s. The Choir was disbanded after the monastery had been closed.

The Festive Male Choir was revived in 1989 by remarkable choirmaster, hegumen Toviya (Glasyrin). Georgy Safonov, Gnessin’s Academy of Music graduate, became its music director and choirmaster in 1994. He has been holding this post ever since.

The Choir consists of 30 professional singers, with each one has vocal and choir education. The ensemble is a permanent participant of international church music conferences and festivals, in Russia as well as abroad, and different youth and charity activities.

The repertoire of the Choir embraces the whole spectrum of sacred music, as well as romances, war and patriotic songs, hymns, folklore & Cossack songs (as well as “drinking sons”), Russian and foreign classics. It was that unique repertoire, as well as sincerity and soulfulness, that won the Choir fame and love of the whole world.

Choir of Novospassky monastery
Music director and chief chorister – Stanislav Popov

Choir of Novospassky monastery was founded back in 1991. Stanislav Popov is a graduate of Academy of Choir Art V.S.Popov; he studied with famous choir conductor Boris Lyashko. The Choir tours extensively, though it often can be heard at Novospassky monastery as well as at the temples of Moscow Kremlin. Its repertoire is vast, and includes church, folk, and secular music of different countries and peoples. The choir is a participant of the recording of Akathist to the icon “Pantanassa (Queen of All)”.

Siberian Male Choir
Art director – Albert Tereschchenko

Laureate of many Russian and international contests and festivals, the Siberian Male Choir was founded 1 September 2018. Its vast repertoire includes more than 200 oeuvres, with half being Orthodox church singing. Besides, the choir performs many Russian folk songs, patriotic songs, unique arrangements, written by Krasnoyarsk composers. 22 professional musicians are the cast of the choir, with many of them being winners of pan-Russia and international contests and festivals.

Moscow Male Chamber Choir “Kastalsky”
Art director and conductor – Alexey Rydnevsky

Moscow Male Chamber Choir “Kastalsky” was founded in 2004 by professional singers – experts of church singing, and kindred spirits. The choir’s repertoire consists of Russian church composers’ works, and folk songs arrangements. “Kastalsky” tours Russian and abroad, and takes part in choir festivals around the world.

Governoral Male Choir “Sofia”
Music director and chief chorister – Hegumen Nikon Ratnikov

“Sofia” was founded 4 years ago at the base of the male choir of Samara Theological Seminary. The region and the Diocese are proud of the choir, while the artists often sing during city’s solemn events and worships.