Yury Favorin, piano. Recording of the concert
Running time:
1 part by 60 minutes, 2 part by 50 minutes, 3 part by 50 minutes


Ferenc Liszt, "Années de pèlerinage" ("Years of Pilgrimage")

"First Year: Switzerland" 
1. William Tell's Chapel
2. At Lake Wallenstadt 
3. Pastorale in E major
4. Beside a Spring
5. Storm
6. Obermann's Valley
7. Eclogue 
8. Homesickness 
9. The Bells of Geneva: Nocturne

"Second Year: Italy" 
1. Marriage of the Virgin 
2. The Thinker 
3. Canzonetta of Salvator Rosa 
4. Petrarch's Sonnet 47 
5. Petrarch's Sonnet 104
6. Petrarch's Sonnet 123 
7. After Reading Dante: Fantasia Quasi Sonata

“Venice and Naples”
1. Gondolier's Song 
2. Canzone 
3. Tarantella

“Third Year” 
1. Angelus! Prayer to the Guardian Angels 
2. To the Cypresses of the Villa d'Este I: Threnody 
3. To the Cypresses of the Villa d'Este II: Threnody 
4. The Fountains of the Villa d'Este 
5. There are Tears for Things/In Hungarian Style 
6. Funeral March, In memory of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico 
7. Sursum corda (Lift Up Your Hearts) 

The programme is subject to change

19 October 2019 Saturday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Yury Favorin, piano. Recording of the concert

A unique concert: pianist Yury Favorin is playing Ferenc Liszt "Years of Pilgrimage" in its entirety! The long cycle by the great Hungarian composer reflects both summits and abysses of the Romatic era. 

Nowadays, dozens of pianists play challenging Liszt pieces. However, not many musicians were brave enough to play the entire cycle. It’s not accidentally that the great Russian philosopher and musicologist Aleksei Losev once wrote of the performance of music as of something fantastical and transcendental… Thid fact alone makes the concert of Yury Favorin a sensation!

"Years of Pilgrimage" occupies a special place in the heritage of Liszt, the unrestrained genius whose devil virtuosity blew away the 19th century. 

The cycle was being written for nearly half a century, thus it shows the whole evolution of the composer’s style: from cheer virtuosity to seriousness, with lots of influences of other arts, nature, philosophy, and religion. Only Liszt was able to play some of the pieces!

In his generation of 30+, Yury Favorin definitely stands out. A bright and extraordinary musician, he is a winner of many prestigious international competitions, and his repertoire is vast. From Mozart to Messiaen, Beethoven to Myaskovsky, from Shubert to a contemporary composer – each concert or a studio album of the pianist becomes a landmark art event.