The programme is subject to change

27 October 2020 Tuesday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Russian National Orchestra
Conductor Mikhail Pletnev

“Brilliance and refinement made Russian National Orchestra the leading symphony collective in Russia”
Chicago Classical Review, 2011

“Brilliance and refinement” are the epithets that can describe the thoroughly planned programme of this night. Its genres, as well as vivid images, are accessible for the wider audience, though paradoxically the names of the pieces are not on the marquee.

“Chopiniana” is a ballet staged by M.Fokin in 1907 to Chopin’s piano music, and orchestrated by A.Glazunov. Of the five parts of the ballet suite – it’s opener is the solemn Knight’s Polonaise – Mikhail Pletnev handpicked three pieces. 

Tchaikovsky’s 2nd Symphony is not on the A-list of even a music connoisseur. Due to the theme of a Ukranian folk song “Crane” used in the final, it was nicknamed the “Little Russian” (Ukraine was referred to as Malorossiya, that is Little Russia, that time). The premiere took place in 1873. Later the composer thoroughly revised his oeuvre: the 1st part was actually rewritten.

For the Pentatone record label, Mikhail Pletnev – one of the best interpreters of Tchaikovsky’s music – and his orchestra recorded all 6 symphonies of the composer, as well as “Manfred”. The 7 CD set features 2 versions of the 1st part of the 2nd Symphony.