I Part

Concerto № 1

II Part

Symphony №1

The programme is subject to change

25 December 2020 Friday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Russian National Orchestra
Conductor – Mikhail Pletnev
Soloist – Alexandre Kantorow
Chopin. Concert №1

In the long history of the Tchaikovky competition, Alexandre Kantorow is the first French to receive – in 2019 – the 1st Prize and Golden Medal as a pianist, and Grand Prix as the best musician.

Besides, the pianist is a pupil of the legendary Rena Shereshevskaya, whose pupil is a sensational pianist and a laureate of the previous 15th Tachokovsly competition Lucas Debargue.

“As musician, Alexandre Kantorow has an incredible message”, says jury member Boris Petrushansky, who studied with the great Heinrich Neuhause and Lev Naumov. “As far as I understand, he’s hearing is that of conductor, or even composer! Absolute freedom is his feature – as pianist, he knows how to turn any piece he plays into a cultural event of a wider scale”.

Chopin’s 1st Concert is in the set-list. The conductor is Mikhail Pletnev, who used to play the piece as pianist.
Their vision of the Polish romantic’s music of the two musicians is so different that their interpretation can’t help being unique. And we are lucky to witness it.

Tchaikovsky’s 1st Symphony is in the second part of the concert. “He’s my favourite composer”, confesses Pletnev, who is considered to be one of the best performers of the composer’s music. “I’m lucky I can touch Tchaikovsky’s legacy with my hands”.