Festival “Bethoveen and Tchaikovsky”. Songs


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5 April 2020 Sunday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Festival “Bethoveen and Tchaikovsky”

The concert is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the concert hall
Olga Kulchinskaya, soprano
Bogdan Volkov, tenor
Alexei Goribol, piano

Tchaikovsky’s romances are often referred to as “laboratory of his creativity”, or his sentimental diary. The great composer, who also was a unique expert as far as human nature is concerned, was coming back to the genre of romance during his whole life. “The core of vocal music is a truthfulness of the feelings and moods that you show”, the composer wrote in the letter to Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov. 

The composer’s first compositions are vocal pieces, while ор. 73 written in 1893 is his last vocal oeuvre, and one of the last compositions of his.
Beethoven wrote vocal pieces only occasionally, for his heroic epic images were tailored for greater music forms. Nevertheless, his “An die ferne Geliebte” (“To the distant beloved”) is the first vocal cycle ever, and it paved way to romantic composers.

Alexei Goribol is pianist, double bass player, producer, director, and social activist. But piano is his “daytime job”. He’s one of those few pianist who include soundtrack music in his set list, and his renditions of classical pieces are quite unique, original, and convincing. Legendary piano tutor Vera Gornostaeva adviced young pianists to listen to Goribol in order to understand what “the real grand piano sound is”. “Concerning piano, we can teach you any technical things, anything but sound”, Gornostaeva used to say.

Goribol plays numerous of Beethoven pieces; Tchaikovsky is the pianist’s favourit composer ever. Goribol was the co-author of a documentary about Tchaikovsky. “The whole catalogue of Tchaikovsky’s vocal pieces is in my hands, so to speak”, Goribal says. “The way I hear his romances and duos attracts singers. Thoush I play it my way, which is a little bit too far from what they got used to, for, strictly speaking, I don’t play accompaniment, it’s rather a sort of ‘conducting with piano’”. 

Bolshoi soloists be onstage with Goribol. Bogdan Volkov and Olga Kulchinskaya are laureats of some prestigious music competitions, including famous “Operalia”, invented by Placido Domingo.