Igor Levit, piano (Germany)
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes


1 part
Overture to “The Deserted Island” (“L'isola disabitata”) opera
Piano Concerto No. 5

2 part
Symphony №41 (“Jupiter”)

25 January 2019 Friday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Igor Levit, piano (Germany)

Münchener Kammerorchester

In Russia, Igor Levit is not a household name, because this extraordinary musician does not Russia that often. But in Europe he’s a real star, “the new Richter” and a “conqueror of new heights”, while his humble self-description is “a pureblood Jew, born in Russia, grown up in Europe, and in love with Europe”.

Fans note a special subtlety of his playing, virtuosity, and “bright, kind lyricism”. However, “The New Yorker” columnist Alex Ross defines the main feature of Levit style as “intellectual drive”.

According to critic Wolfgang Schreiber, Igor Levit “is not your ‘usual’ virtuoso. His playing is determined by a thirst for musical knowledge”.   

The Munich Chamber Orchestra is one of Germany’s most vivid ones. 

Now it is renowned, above all, as intrepid programmer, and some of the programs has earned them two “Best Season’s Program” nominations of German Music Publishers’ Association.

25 musicians are the base of the orchestra, and all of them are experts in both baroque and contemporary performance.

The program of the forthcoming Moscow concert is rather traditional at the first sight. Both Beethoven’s Piano concert and one of three most popular Mozart symphonies are classical concert staples. But the interpretation makes difference, for the conductor is young Clemens Schuldt, the 2010 winner of the famous international Donatella Flick Conducting Competition.