Ian Bostridge, tenor
Running time:
1 part by 45 minutes, 2 part by 25 minutes


“To the Distant Beloved”

“Swan Song”

The programme is subject to change

16 December 2019 Monday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Ian Bostridge, tenor

Lars Vogt, piano
Ian Bostridge is one of the leaders of contemporary vocal performance. It was only in the age of 29 that he began his career of professional singer, and by that time he had already graduated from Oxford's St. John's College, and had written a thesis on… magic! Now he is one of the international stars of our times. What’s the secret? The thing is that on stage Ian Bostridge does not merely sing, he puts all of himself into every note he sings. And he delivers each and every note just as a good actor pronounces every word. It’s not strength of voice or beauty of belcanto that attract millions of people, it’s all about his wise and unique reading of a text.

Besides, Bostridge is famous for his rendition of Schubert music, his complicated vocal cycles in particular. Those cycles are a kind of encyclopedia of subtlest experiences. A book about Schubert was written by Bostridge. Not only chamber music: Ian also is opera singer, he takes part in Monteverdi, Hendel, Mozart, Wagner, Smetana, Britten, Stravinsky operas. 

Contemporary music occupies a special place in Ian’s oeuvre. Henze and Nyman’s music is part of his repertoire, while Thomas Adès, one of the most successful British composers today, wrote Caliban’s part in his “Tempest” especially for Bostridge. Ian’s versatility is simply striking. For instance, in 2018/19 he’s touring Europe with either jazz pianist Brad Mehldau or baroque orchestra Europa Galante, and sings in Dresden Opera. Ian Bostridge has recorded numerous albums, and is a 15-times Grammy winner. 

Ian Bostridge performed in Russia several times (including the last year’s concert with Europa Galante). Lars Vogt is his partner on stage this time. Vogt is one of the leading musicians of his generation. As soloist, he plays with greatest orchestras, but recently he has been plying chamber music, too, and conducting. He founded the festival 'Spannungen' in Heimbach (Eifel) in 1998.