Ensemble Mini (Germany)
Running time:
1 part – 30 minutes, 2 part – 50 minutes



“Romeo and Juliet” suite

Symphony №10

The programme is subject to change

27 November 2019 Wednesday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Ensemble Mini (Germany)

First time in Russia
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The Berlin ensemble Mini led by British conductor Joolz Gale states: “Small is the new big”. True: a group of 15 soloists from the great symphonic orchestras plays the great symphonic works in new “small” format.

“Small is beautiful”, is the musicians’ credo. “In these tough financial times, exploring great music in mini ways cannot be more relevant. No longer can the fat-cat orchestras sit back and relax: Ensemble Mini is the carbon-neutral and environmentally-friendly answer to classical music”.

“We present big symphonic composers with no strings attached; no silly hang-ups, just pure, unadulterated music. Whilst remaining faithful to the composer’s core ideas, colours and orchestration, we also discover – through this rare sound-world – a completely fresh perspective to the music's narrative”.

And the ensemble’s mission is to reach new audiences through new style, sound and setting – without dumbing down – addressing the change needed in classical music.

Critics dub their approach as “innovative”, while genre of the concerts is “experimental”. Mini can play at the venues as diverse as Berlin Philharmonie, Konzerthaus, or trendy Berlin clubs. 

“Mini Mahler” in Berlin Philharmonie, “Strauss 150: New Perspectives” in Berlins Stattbad nightclub, and “Bartók Beyond Borders” in Berlins Musikbrauerei nightclub.