“Hymn of the Nations”, 
cantata for tenor, choir, and symphony orchestra

cantata for soloists, chorus and orchestra

20 October 2020 Tuesday 19.00 Grand hall
19.00 Grand hall

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is 90!
“Helikon-Opera” is 30!

Anniversary gala
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra
Art director and chief conductor Vadimir Fedoseev
Soloists of music theatre “Helikon-Opera”
Founder and art director Dmitry Bertman

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra is 90, “Helikon-Opera” is 30. Nice round numbers, aren’t they? It’s not coincidence that both collective chose “Zarydaye” stage to mark their “double anniversary”, for they performed here several times successfully.
“Helikon” and the Orchestra are not only old friends and long est music partners, they even share their Boss – Vladimir Fedoseev. The thing is that Fedoseev that have been leading … for more than 45 years now, 3 years ago have also become music director and chief invited conductor of the Theatre. 

Actually, Fedoseev had started collaborating with “Helikon” even earlier: in 2016 he trained theatre stuff for premiere of Puccini’s “Turandot”. There was a brilliant premiere, due to maestro Fedoseev, who confessed that he “fell in love with the theatre”.
Musicians of orchestras of “Helikon” and Tchaikovsky Symphony respect maestro Fedoseev very much. Both orchestras performed together several times. It was in 2017 in “Stravinsky” Hall that Fedoseev conducted both orchestras for the first time, and it was the concert dedicated to his 85th birthday. “Unknown Tchaikovsky” in Klin was the most recent programme of the two collectives.