Organ Tour at “Zaryadye”
Running time:
45 minutes

The programme is subject to change

1 November 2020 Sunday 12.00

Organ Tour at “Zaryadye”

“Zaryadye” Hall welcomes you to the new organ tours! You’ll have a long-awaited opportunity to study our King of Instruments in detail, exterior as well as interior. 

You’ll spend some unforgettable moments in company of Lada Labzina, organist and keeper of “Zaryadye’s” organ. She assisted during delivery, installation, and intonation of the instrument, and, of course, she was one of the musicians to play at the inauguration of the Organ, the largest music instrument in Moscow. The Keeper will introduce you to the inhabitants of the Organ Realm, e.g. registers, bellows, windchests, and tell you all the secrets of the “birth” of the Organ.

You’ll see firsthand the stationary console installed into a wall of the Grand Hall. The console can only be opened by the special organist key. At the end of the tour, Lada Labazina will play at the mobile console, thus demonstrating the sound of the largest organ of the Russian capital.

Not to miss!
Tours are hosted by “Zaryadye” staff.
Number of guests for each tour is limited to 25.
Meeting at 11.45 AM.
Tour starts without delay.