Children Choir School “Vesna”
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes
18 January 2020 Saturday 13.00 Grand hall
13.00 Grand hall

Children Choir School “Vesna”

The year 2020 marks the 55th birthday of Children Choir Music School “Vesna” named after A.S. Ponomarev. 

The “Vesna” Choir was created by a prominent Russian conductor and teacher Alexander Ponomarev (1938-2012). Later a music school was based on the choir. Both the choir and the school are considered to be one of the best here in this country. 

The “Vesna” Choir is a winner of many prestigious international singing competitions in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Canada, and it also got two “European Grand Prix” – in 2000 and 2017. The young singers has toured the whole Russia and most of the Europe; they performed in Japan, China, and Canada, too. Every year they sing in the Moscow Conservatory’s Halls.

The choir’s repertoire is vast, and is embracing hundreds of classical pieces of different times, genres, styles, and peoples. Contemporary choir music takes a certain place in the ensembles’ set lists with many pieces are written for “Vesna” exclusively, and dedicated to the choir. 

Professor Nadezha Averina, laureate of international competitions and a disciple of Ponomarev, has led the choir for the last five years; she keeps her outstanding teachers’ traditions. 

As the beginning of the new season, the vocal ensembles of the school would perform in the Grand Hall of “Zaryadye”. For the first time. More than 300 children would take to the stage on this day! 

Choir pieces of Russian and European classical composers, contemporary pieces, as well as folk songs, are in the set list.