Sergey Malov. Bach. Sonatas and Suites
Running time:
1 part by 50 minutes, 2 part by 40 minutes

The programme is subject to change

9 January 2020 Thursday 19.00 Small Hall
19.00 Small Hall

Sergey Malov
Bach. Sonatas and Suites

Saint Petersburg native Sergey Malov plays violin, baroque violin, viola, and violoncello da spalla, which is nothing but baroque piccolo cello. His father, Oleg Malov, is a pianist, professor in Saint Petersburg’s Conservatory, who is well known for his unusual concert sets that often show the audience newly written pieces for the first time. His son is also penchant for constant search, playing different styles of music ranging from early baroque to contemporary oeuvres. Malov junior performs as soloist, playing all his instruments, as a member of ensembles, and as conductor. 

Sergey Malov started studying music in his native Saint Petersburg to later graduate from the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum Salzburg. There he studied viola, and then moved to Berlin to study violin at Berlin Hanns Eisler school. Malov is a winner of numerous international competition, wining as both violinist (playing “normal” and baroque violin) and violist. Decca, Pan Classics, Solo Musica, Hännsler Profil would release his recordings. Since 2017 Sergey Malov is a professor of Zürich Music School. 

Besides native Russian language, he is fluent in German, English, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian. He’s a keen sportsman – gymnast, football player, East martial arts fighter. He is sure that a musician should go in for sports in order to play better. 

In “Zaryadye”, Sergey is going to play seeming popular Bach’s pieces. For violin and… cello! But instead of cello, Sergey utilizes his tried and true violoncello da spalla (“cello on the shoulder” is the literall translation). He is sure that it was that instrument that Bach wrote his pieces for, not for our modern cello, neither for viola da gamba. For “you always heard something superfluously heavy which is inherent in such a large instrument ”. Musician believes. 

Actually, violoncello da spalla was bought by Sergey – he spent money he received as a winner of competitions – with the only purpose to play these pieces. See the video to listen to the musicians explanations of his work with the suites you’ll hear this evening.