Bach and Händel
Running time:
2 parts by 45 minutes


I Part

Brandenburg Concertos №1-3

II Part

Water Music

The programme is subject to change

3 October 2019 Thursday 19.00 Grand Hall
19.00 Grand Hall

Bach and Händel

Pratum Integrum
Conductor – Reinhard Goebel

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Reinhard Goebel is arguably one of the leading experts of historically informed performance. He is the founder of Musica Antiqua. During 1986 – 1987 he released the controversial recordings of all Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, with extremely fast tempi. Some thought it to be a breaking of rules of good taste and style, but this “new Bach” turned out to be a revelation for the others. 

The Goebel’s reputation of “a shining light in a sea of mediocrity”, as New York Times once dubbed him, was growing steadily. He re-recorded the Brandenburg Concertos in 2017 (with Berlin’s baroque soloists), and the album, released by Sony Classical, was awarded the Opus Klassik prize. Some critics noticed that though Goebel remains as brilliant and romantic as ever, but this time he was going even further as far as phrasing, timbre, and texture are concerned. In the same year, Goebel received Bach’s Medal during the Bach’s festival in Leipzig. In Moscow, Goebel and Russian Pratum Imtegrum performs first three of the Brandenburg Concertos. His approach to Bach’s music maestro is willing to tell to anyboby interested during his lectures and clinics (the date and time to be advised).